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Masonry Wall Mounting Hooks, 22-ct.
Screw and Nut Assortment, ~100-ct.
40 mm High Security Padlock With Keys
Plastic Screw In Anchors With Screws
8" Multi-Color Cable Ties, 100-ct.
Snap Hook Set
1 1/2" Dry Wall Screws, 140 grams
6" Door Handles, 2-ct.
Bungee Stretch Cords, 6-ct.
1 3/5" Diameter Suction Cup Hooks, 12-ct.
Ball Air Pump, 12", 1-ct.
Assorted Bungi Cords, 6-ct.
7.2 mm Glue Sticks, 24-ct.
12" Heavy Duty Cable Ties, 30-ct.
"F" Clamps, 3-ct.
Large Snap Hook, 5 1/2", 1-ct.
Wood Screw Assortment, ~80-ct.
Expandable 7 Hook Rack
Assorted Sand Paper, 10-ct.
Assorted Masonary Drill Kit, 5-ct.
ABS Plastic Clothesline Spreader
6" Multi-color Cable Ties, 100-ct.
2" Safety Hasp
2" Right Angle Bracket, 4-ct.
Decorative Metal Suction Hooks, 18-ct.
3" S-Hooks, 5-ct.
Screw Eye Assortment, ~107-ct.
Screw Assortment, ~110-ct.
Door Guard Chain and Bolt Set
3 1/2" Screw In Hooks, 4-ct.
1/2" Chipboard Screws, 140 grams
Assorted Power Nut Driver Bit Set, 14-ct.
Adjustable Spray Nozzle
8" Toilet Flush Lever
4" Safety Hasp
4" Metal Clamp, 2-ct.
2" Mending Plates, 4-ct.
1 9/16" Furniture Floor Protectors, 4-ct.
1 1/2" Right Angle Bracket, 4-ct.
#4 Braided Wire, 6 ft.
#2 Braided Wire, 6 ft.

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