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13" Long Reach Screwdrivers, 2-ct.
Screw and Nut Assortment, ~100-ct.
Plastic Clothesline Spreader
Large Rubber Mallet
Funnel Set, 4-ct.
Soldering Iron, 50 Watt
Magnetic Chrome Screwdriver, 2-ct.
Long Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper
Bicycle Bell
Ball Air Pump, 12", 1-ct.
8" Multi-Color Cable Ties, 100-ct.
40 mm High Security Padlock With Keys
16" Hand Saw
1 1/2" Dry Wall Screws, 140 grams
Decorative Metal Suction Hooks, 18-ct.
Wood Screw Assortment, ~87-ct.
Window Locks, 2-ct.
Solder, 1/2 oz.
Rubber Foam Weatherstrip Self Stick Tape
Multi-Tip Screwdriver, 6 tips
Masonry Wall Mounting Hooks, 22-ct.
Bicycle Horn, 1-ct.
Aluminum Number 3
Aluminum Clothesline Tightener
Adjustable Pliers, 6"
6" Door Handles, 2-ct.
2 Feet Box Level, 2 ft.
12" Heavy Duty Hack Saw
12" Heavy Duty Cable Ties, 30-ct.
Heavy Duty Cotton Rope #6, 100 feet
Picture Hanging Kit, 20-ct.
Self Adhesive Hooks, 6-ct., 1 pack
Luggage Strap, 6 ft.
Wrist Key Holder, 2-ct.
Utility Knife With 5 Blades
Toilet Tank Rubber Flapper
Super Strength Super Glue, 3-ct
Steel Wire 24 Gauge, 175 ft.
Spreading Trowel
Shelf Brackets, 12" x 14", 2-ct.
Shelf Brackets, 10" x 12", 2-ct.
Rubber Door Stoppers, 2-ct.

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